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Cameron Maybin still needs some work

Cameron Maybin is still trying to learn how to play the outfield.

Asked to rate Cameron Maybin's defense, Gonzalez said: "Average."

Noting that Maybin is not a finished product, Gonzalez says the 22-year-old needs more work on his throwing and getting better reads on fly balls.

"Right now, his breaks on balls, he catches up because of his speed," Gonzalez said. "You want him to be able to read balls, and then the speed is there. For example, [Brett] Carroll and Cody Ross not as fast as Maybin, but they're pretty fundamentally sound, and they get [good] breaks and reads on balls."

Judging by last year, "average", is sorta kind.  But I haven't seen him this year, so maybe he has improved to average.  But in Cameron's defense he did have shoulder surgery in November so I doubt his throwing is back up to speed.  Not that he had an accurate arm before the operation.  Maybin is a question mark for this season, in fact, LadyFish spoke with him right before spring training and he said he was about 80%.  Given the way young players tend to lie about their health, he may be very slow in coming around.  However, I think he will be given every opportunity in spring training and through the first half of the season to prove himself.  Especially since there is no way the club is going to allow Brett Carroll to start.  Don't know why BC is blacklisted, but he seems to be.