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Marlins 19 Hurricanes 3

Joe Capozzi had this to say:

The Marlins did plenty of damage Wednesday at Roger Dean Stadium — both with aluminum and wooden bats.

Just for kicks, Hanley Ramirez and his Marlins teammates borrowed an aluminum bat from a University of Miami player during pre-game batting practice before their exhibition game. They took turns pelting the buildings beyond the outfield wall with impressive swings.

Once the game started, the Marlins switched to wood bats and continued their power display, banging out 20 hits in a 19-3 win over the Hurricanes.

 Nothing against Joe Cap, but we will have better, and more entertaining, game recaps once GameFish starts doing them.  However, they won't begin until the season starts.  Therefore the beat reporters are good for now.

 The Marlins beating the Hurricanes in a exhibition game really doesn't mean anything, but then again it is very questionable whether spring training results, no matter who the Marlins are playing against, denote anything.  The real purpose is to get ready for the season ahead.  There are no trophies given for winning spring training.  But I must say this: I do like winning.