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You Can't Spell Burke Badenhop without O-P-E-N-E-R

A few years back, I was tired of breaking every New Year's resolution I ever made by 10 AM on January first, so I came up with a no-fail system for reaching goals: set the bar as low as possible. It worked. I can happily say I have kept every resolution I've made since that day-- goals like: get out of bed at least 3 days a week, eat more junk food, and keep/add bad habits.

I think Burke Badenhop has adopted this same no-fail system when it comes to setting goals for his baseball career.

It's one of the least lofty ambitions you'll hear about this spring--especially for a pitcher who has already proven his tremendous value out of the bullpen over the course of two seasons. Nonetheless, the Hopper has just one goal in mind for 2010: make the opening day roster.

"I think I have some kind of Major League record, because I have two years of service time, but I've never been on an Opening Day roster," Badenhop noted. "It's tough to do that."


"That's my goal this year, to be on the first-base line or the third-base line when we open the season," 

Burke probably won't be booked as a motivational speaker anytime soon. 

Given his performance out of the bullpen and as a spot starter last season, the Hopper certainly isn't setting the bar very high in 2010. I'm a big fan of modest aspirations, but even I have to protest here. And options or not, barring any injury or major meltdown, if Hayden Penn is on the opening day roster and the Hopper isn't, I will personally stage a revolt the likes of which the baseball world has never seen. Or, you know, I'll just whine a lot here on FishStripes and stuff.

While Burke may be aiming a little low, there is a first time for everything, and being on the Marlins roster for the season opener would be a first for Florida's long reliever extraordinaire. 

But I wouldn't call it a goal, Hop. I'd call it a given.