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Gaby Sanchez Clinches First Base Job

Exactly one week out from opening day, the competition for the first base job is officially over-- though it's been unofficially over for a while.

Logan Morrison was reassigned to minor league camp Monday, making Gaby Sanchez the Marlins opening day first baseman.

Statistically, it was a no brainer. Sanchez has hit .409 this spring (compared to .244 for Morrison), to go with a .460 on-base percentage and .659 slugging percentage. Add that up, and it comes to a very nice OPS of 1.119 -- best on the club this spring among players with at least 30 at bats.

And that, folks, is how you go about winning a starting job.  It's likely the least shocking news you'll hear all day, but at least the obvious has finally been stated.