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Josh Johnson May Not Be Opening Day Starter

Just ten days out from opening day, the stomach virus that has been lurking around the Marlins' clubhouse the last couple weeks claimed its latest victim. 

This time it was Josh Johnson's turn with the flu, and JJ was scratched from Friday's start and sent home to rest, in the hopes that he can recover in enough time to make his scheduled start on opening day in New York.

Keep your fingers crossed that the virus turns out to be one of those 24-hour bugs, rather than the three-day variety that has hit the rest of the Fish, and Josh is good to go against the Mets April 5. Otherwise, Ricky No-No may have to fill in. Uh, unless he gets hit with the virus, and then it could be Anibal. Well, that is unless Anibal happens to fall ill, and then...

Get well soon, JJ.

[UPDATE] According to Joe Frisaro, Josh is already feeling a bit better, and could very well make his scheduled ST start against the Mets on Wednesday. If he's able to make that start, JJ should be good to go for Opening Day.