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Brett Carroll strains oblique

This is not good news for Brett Carroll or his fans.

Outfielder Brett Carroll, still fighting for the last spot on the Marlins' bench, sustained a strained left oblique during batting practice. Carroll played an inning and a half before he aggravated the injury when he fouled off a pitch in his only at-bat.


``There has to be a bone sticking out for him to come out of the game. We had to go and chase him out of right field and yell at him to get back in here.'' - Gonzalez, on having to chase Carroll out of Wednesday's game.

Oblique strains can be very tricky and have a tendency to linger on.  They effect hitting and fielding, so hopefully, it is just a mild strain and with a little rest, he will be back to normal soon.  Though, sadly, if it is not mild, he could start the season on the DL.  I truly hope not.  He deserves better than that.