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Marlins roster moves

The Marlins made a couple of roster moves.

The Marlins made two roster moves Tuesday, reassigning pitcher Hunter Jones to New Orleans and releasing Mike MacDougal.


"I don't like to talk about the negatives," Gonzalez said when asked about MacDougal. "We just released him There is a good arm there. Hopefully he hooks on with somebody else.

The makeup of the Marlins bullpen is still to be determined.

Leo Nunez, Brian Sanches, Burke Badenhop, Jose Veras, Meyer and Pinto are expected to make the roster, leaving Seth McLung, Scott Strickland, Tim Wood, Chris Leroux, Hayden Penn, Andrew Miller and Clay Hensley battling for the remaining spot, if the Marlins keep 12 pitchers on the final roster -- seven relievers and five starters -- as expected..

Hensley, who has pitched 10.1 scoreless innings this spring, is also in the running for the fifth starter.


Mike MacDougal was given his release in order to give him time to catch on with another club.

Kinda hard to call who will get the final bullpen roster spot.  If they are looking for a true one-inning reliever then one would have to think this favors Tim Wood.  He has had a good spring and he showed last year in limited action in the Majors he is quite capable of getting big league hitters out.  If the club is looking for a long man, spot starter, though I don't why they would since the position is fielded very neatly by the Hopper, and Hensley doesn't make the rotation, he might get the spot.  Andrew Miller, Hayden Penn and Chris Leroux will probably be sent down.  Scott Strickland is 34 years-old and hasn't pitched in the Majors since 2005.  I just don't see this happening.  Seth McClung really hasn't shown much in the way of stats.

So, my guess, is it is between Tim Wood and Clay Hensley.  Should Hensley become the fifth starter, who ever the odd man out is, be it VandenHurk or Volstad, either of the two will be sent down to the minors so they can start every fifth day.