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Seth McClung keeping the olympics alive

If Seth McClung should make the team, he may make section 140 more enjoyable, like that is possible.

McClung organized the first -- and, to this day, only -- ``Bullpen Olympics'' as a member of the Milwaukee Brewers in 2008.

True, if you don't count the sunflower spitting contest and the tomato growing competition other bullpens have had in the past.

That could mean fans seated near the Marlins' open bullpen will be treated to an array of unique events, from the Water Bottle Toss to the Bubble Gum Throw, when they aren't checking out the action on the field.

At least GameFish will be entertained 'cause that were she sits.  Something gives me the idea I just got myself in trouble.

McClung is not one to rest on his laurels, should he make the team, things could interesting in the bullpen.

Told that the Marlins have a hot tub for fans positioned within close proximity of the bullpen, McClung's eyes brightened as he imagined the possibilities.


``I don't know how you incorporate a hot tub into the Bullpen Olympics,'' McClung said. ``But I'll think about it.''

Being able to get hitters out is obviously the most important thing, but if one can do that, being a character is a huge bonus.  Or at least it will be for the fans who sit around section 140.  I had the "privilege" of sitting there last year when the stadium was full and all I could see was the bullpen.  And I must admit just watching the bullpen was quite boring.  Would I have rather seen the game?  Oh, sure.  But that wasn't an option given the sight lines, but if the bullpen was engaged in shenanigans it would've made for a much better experience.