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FishStripes CBSSports Fantasy League

Okay, by now, those of you who expressed interest in playing in the FishStripes League, should've received an invitation to play.  If you didn't, I probably entered your email address wrong.  Should that be the case, leave a comment or email me and I will correct the situation.

We are going to play the standard 5x5 Roto League.  The league has too many first time players to do anything exotic, the goal is to have as many players as possible enjoy playing fantasy baseball.  For those of you who have played a lot, it might be a boring configuration, but face it, you have played it before and it is what you learned on.

We will be using an automated draft, since there is no way we could possibly get all 15 teams online at the same time.  And personally, I have been through a live draft, which fortunately took place in a bar and thus taking some of the pain out of it, but it took forever and I'm not doing that again.

Bottom line: If you didn't receive your invitation, let me know.

Should you want to start a league of your own on CBSSports, you can do it at half-price by clicking on the following link.

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