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Games Today

I'm incredibly late getting this posted, but the Marlins are splitting the squad with one going to Orlando to face the Braves.  That is on TV right now on the MLB Network.  The other game is in Viera against the Nationals.

Both games started at 1:05 p.m.

The Worm was scratched due to sore elbow, nothing serious.  Lamb was scratched due to an upset stomach.  Cantu still has the flu and Maybin is still trying to work through the groin injury and didn't make either trip.  With Lamb and Cantu feeling bad, I hope the flu isn't going to end up infecting everyone in the club house.  But I guess if it has to happen, now isn't the worse time.

Don't have time for the lineups.  But most everyone who is healthy will see action.

JJ starts against the Braves.  RVH against the Nats.