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Marlins interested in Mike Lowell?

The Marlins are scouting Mike Lowell.

Mike Lowell made his Grapefruit League debut on Monday for the Boston Red Sox and the Marlins were among those with a scout on hand in Fort Myers to see the long-time third-sacker try his mitt at first base for the first time.

   Lowell's name has come up in discussions within the Marlins organization, but it's unclear what their interest level is in the former Fish. And there would be a number of issues -- financial and physical being two of the primary ones -- that would need to be resolved before any serious thoughts of a reunion could be put into action.

There are a few problems to be taken into consideration.  One is Mikey will make $12 million dollars this season, now the question is: who is going to pick up the bulk of that.  Earlier the Red Sox tried to trade him to Rangers for a prospect and agreed to take over $9 million of the contract.  But the deal was nixed when his thumb injury became an issue.  

Assuming he shows himself to be in good health, and the Red Sox are willing to eat the majority of contract, he is an interesting thought.  The only way he will agree to be traded to the Marlins is if he is going to be an everyday player.  Right now, he is scheduled to be a bench player for the Sox and while it is possible that he might do the same for the Marlins, I somehow doubt it.  While Mikey would becoming home, the clubhouse isn't the same as it was when he left.  His old pals are gone and there are a bunch of new kids.  In Boston, his teammates love him and it is a more comfortable situation.

While I just for nostalgic reasons would love to see him in a Marlins uniform again, and not to mention he is a great presence in the clubhouse.  There becomes a time when youth has to be served.  Mikey at the age of 36 isn't the future on the Marlins, he is part of the past.  And he was a great part of the past.  But it is time to see what the young can do.

However, should the Marlins want him as the everyday third baseman, I won't complain.