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Game Today - Postponed

The Marlins are traveling to Sarasota to... watch it rain, from my understanding.  Should the weather ever cooperate, they will play the Orioles.

Game time is tentatively scheduled for 1:05 p.m.

Andrew Miller takes the mound.

The Marlins lineup is as follows:

Coghlan, LF

Bonifacio, CF

Ramirez, SS

Cantu, 3B

Uggla, 2B

Cody!, DH

Gaby, 1B

Carroll, RF

Hayes, C

This is the first game the Marlins will use the DH.  I guess Cody has been out for so long, he needs to see live in-game pitching.  Got no problem with that.  But it is sounding like this game will never take place.