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The Marlins agreement on salary increases

From the best  sports business writer in South Florida, Sarah Talalay.

New Major League Baseball Players Association Executive Director Michael Weiner made the union’s annual spring stop at Roger Dean Stadium this morning to meet with the Florida Marlins.

It’s been two months since the release of the carefully worded settlement agreement among Major League Baseball, the Players Association and the Marlins requiring the team to increase its commitment of revenue sharing dollars to payroll as it moves toward its new ballpark’s opening, scheduled in 2012.

"We’re actually pleased with the way things have played out under the settlement," Weiner said after meeting with Marlins players. "We’ve said publicly what we’re going to say about the specifics, but I have no problem saying that so far, we’re pleased with the way things have played out."

Weiner said, of course, the union has concerns about other teams, which he wouldn’t name. He also wouldn’t say if he expects similar settlement agreements could be forged with other teams.

"I can’t predict that, I can’t say there is the level of attention that we’re paying is the same with respect to other teams as with the Marlins, and if it reaches the stage where we think that kind of agreement is appropriate, we’ll push for it."

It seems they are going after other teams, not that I care.  The Marlins really didn't agree to anything they hadn't said in public before.  But most other teams aren't in our sorry stadium revenue situation.  So it could get interesting, but I don't plan to pay much attention.

So, you ask, what is the point of this post.  Well, I'm glad you did, here it is:

Marlins pitcher Andrew Miller, the team’s player’s representative...

Did anyone know that Andrew Miller was the team's player's representative?  Because, I sure didn't.  Something about him being it, seems a bit odd to me.