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Burke Badenhop - Movie screen writer

This a few days old, but it needed to be included.

In a 60 Seconds interview with the Palm Beach Post, Burke Badenhop tells about his hobby as a movie screen writer.

I will grab one question and answer, but read the whole thing.

Tell me about your hobby.

(Marlins equipment manager) John Silverman is friends with Martin Lesak, who works for CAA (Creative Artists Agency). He is Will Ferrell's agent. I got to talk with him when we were in Los Angeles last summer. He said, "Hey, if you're interested in writing movie scripts, let me send you a couple of comedies and you can see what a good script looks like." He sent me first revisions of Talladega Nights, Knocked Up, The Hangover.

 We actually knew about the Hopper's hobby two months ago, but we were asked not to release it, and we didn't.  There is more to the story, and it is a really cool story, than the interview gets into, but you can do only so much in 60 seconds.  I don't think we will be betraying any trust to say, he is further along in the writing process than he is alluding to in the interview.

 The Hopper, a man of many talents.