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Dan Uggla Memorabilia Sale

Hollywood Collectibles is having a sale on Dan Uggla Memorabilia.  TransWorldNews reports.

Hollywood Collectibles offers an impressive selection of Dan Uggla memorabilia.  Dan Uggla memorabilia, including signed baseballs, used baseball bats, and a signed and framed used batting glove.  Dan Uggla is a Major League Baseball second baseman for the Florida Marlins. Uggla began his MLB career in 2006 playing for the Marlins. He won numerous rookie awards, including the Players Choice National League Rookie of the Year award and Sporting News Rookie of the Year Award.  mention this article and receive 10% off all Dan Uggla memorabilia

Hollywood Collectibles is a sports memorabilia store that sells autographed photos, game used pieces, vintage items, and many more. To view these items and purchase one of a kind sports memorabilia visit You can find Hollywood Collectibles sports memorabilia online or visit the store in Hollywood, Florida.

So if you are a fan of Danny, this might be the perfect opportunity to get some Danny stuff.  Of course, as nice as he is, if you just went to a game early, he would probably just give you the same stuff for free.  Yes, yes, I know, what does this say about Danny's chances of being a Marlin all throughout the season?  Is it a sign? 

Seeing how my crystal ball broke years ago I don't know, but I will be very surprised if Uggla is with the Marlins in 2011.