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Marlins Spring Training National Broadcast Schedule

Three of the Marlins spring training games will be "nationally broadcast".  If you live in a place that is in, oh, the 21st century, meaning you get MLB Network through your cable or satellite dish you get to see three games.  Of course that is assuming watching tv at 1:05 pm fits into your schedule.  However, if you live in a place like me, where getting a longer cord for you land line telephone is considered a technological breakthrough then, you ain't seeing crap.

Here is the schedule.

Date  Time ET Away  Home  Station 
Tue, Mar 16 1:05 pm Florida Marlins Atlanta Braves MLBN
Wed, Mar 17 1:05 pm Atlanta Braves Florida Marlins MLBN
Fri, Mar 19 1:05 pm St. Louis Cardinals Florida Marlins