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Marlins After Hank Blalock

The search to replace Grit II continues, and according to JCR, rumors that the Marlins have been looking at Hank Blalock are true.

The Marlins are in fact interested in former Rangers corner infielder Hank Blalock. It’s unclear whether they’ve extended an offer to the two-time All-Star, but the Marlins have spoken multiple times with Scott Boras, Blalock’s agent.


Blalock, 29, is coming off a .234-25-66 season in 462 at-bats with the Rangers. He also had a career-low .277 on-base percentage. He totaled more than 600 plate appearances every season from 2003 through 2006, but several injuries limited him to a combined 123 games in 2007-08.

The Fish need a lefty off the bench, and the pickings are pretty slim right now. Hank was the opposite of good (.201/.237/.348) after the All Star break last season, he's injury-prone, can't hit lefties, and is fairly slumpy. (What? SLUMPY is totally a legitimate baseball stat). But on the plus side, he's pretty good against right-handed pitching, has power, and is .289 in his career with RISP, which does savor mildly of grit.

No word on whether Hank is holding out for an everyday job, but if not, certainly those 26 career at-bats as a pinch hitter have prepared him well for the backup role the Marlins have in mind.