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Marlins Sign Seth McClung

In keeping with their brilliant bullpen strategy for 2010, the Marlins continue to sign not-very-good relievers.

The Marlins have signed Seth McClung to a minor league contract.

The Marlins continued their low-risk, high-reward approach to bullpen building in adding right-hander Seth McClung on a minor league deal.

McClung spent the first three of his six major league seasons with the Rays and the last three in Milwaukee. With the exception of 2007 (3.75) and 2008 (4.02), McClung has never posted an ERA lower than 4.94. Though mostly a reliever with the Brewers, McClung has started more than a quarter of his 177 big league appearances.

The "low-risk" part of the Marlins approach is understandable. As for the "high reward" part, we may need a little convincing.