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Marlins Stadium May Host 2015 All Star Game

It turns out the new Marlins stadium will mean more than just game days void of heat stroke, sunburn and rain-drenched clothing. It could also mean that South Florida will soon be hosting an All-Star Game.

The Marlins said Saturday they expect to be awarded the 2015 All-Star Game at their new ballpark.

``If you thought we would host the All-Star Game in 2015, you would probably not be misleading yourself,'' team president David Samson told fans at a town hall meeting at Saturday's FanFest at Sun Life Stadium. Samson said later the Marlins haven't been assured the 2015 game but ``we're pretty confident that will be the year.'' 

The only thing that really comes to mind when considering an All Star Game in the Marlins new stadium is: will that garish "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" Dr. Seuss-meets-tacky-seaside-carnival home run display be operating during the 2015 home run derby? Because I don't think the world is prepared for that. Honestly though, it could be the cold meds talking. But while my filter is on hiatus due to excessive NyQuil consumption, I will wonder aloud if perhaps the All Star Game is just the sort of event that could encourage Mr. Loria to rethink his choice of ball park--ahem--"artwork."

(If you thought 98.7% of Marlins fans were aghast at the sight of the proposal for Red Grooms' home run display, you would probably not be misleading yourself.)