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Marlins on the USA Today list of 100 names you need to know

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USA Today put out their annual list of the names you need to know and there were four players from the Marlins organization on the list.

USA TODAY's annual list of the 100 Names You Need to Know

I will let them explain how the list was determined.

USA TODAY Sports Weekly presents its 14th annual list of the 100 Names You Need to Know. These are the next wave of players heading into the major leagues who, in our view, could make the biggest impact in 2010.

These aren't necessarily baseball's 100 best prospects because many top prospects are too far down in the minor leagues to contribute in the majors this season. Others are stuck behind established major leaguers.

Not all of the players on our list have rookie status, either, but our standard for inclusion is that a player must have had more innings (for pitchers) or at-bats (for hitters) in the minor leagues in 2009 than he has had during all of his major league time.

To give an idea where some of the Marlins placed, Steven Strasburg was number 31.

The Marlins on the list are: Cameron Maybin #11, Gaby Sanchez #29, Mike Stanton #70 and Logan Morrison rounds out the field at #94.

Normally we would just quote box them all, but in this case you should click through and read what they have to say.  And anyways, should the front office decide to trade a marquee player, read Dan Uggla, maybe, just maybe, one of the non-Marlins on the list will end up in our organization.