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Marlins sign Mike Lamb to a minor league contract

The Marlins in their quest for a left-handed bat off the bench signed Mike Lamb to a minor league contract.

The Marlins signed veteran infielder Mike Lamb to a minor-league contract Thursday and invited him to spring training.

Lamb is a candidate to succeed Ross Gload as the top left-handed hitter off the Marlins' bench.

He played all last year in Triple-A for Buffalo.  Which is an interesting park, or at least it looked like it from the highway, but that has nothing to do with the analysis.  He is a feisty player and is considered to be a good clubhouse presence.  While in Buffalo he put numbers of .261/.299/.370, not exactly awe inspiring to say the least.  However, he has been relatively injury free for the last couple of years, but father time will catch up to him eventually, if it hasn't already.  Lamb can play first and third almost decently.  And a bunch of other positions, only less so.  He has that going for him.  I have no problem with the Marlins giving him a shot in Spring Training.  And if he doesn't make the club he might be willing to go to New Orleans as an insurance policy and help out the kids down there.