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Florida Marlins Out of Options

JCR has the list of Marlins players out of options.

The following players are out of options, meaning that they would have to clear waivers for the Marlins to assign them to the minors: pitchers Dan Meyer, Hayden Penn, Renyel Pinto, Brian Sanches and Leo Nunez; infielders Wes Helms and Jorge Jimenez; and outfielder Cody Ross.

No big deal, most all of the players will be on the 25-man roster all year long.  That, or on the DL.  There are two exceptions: one is Hayden Penn and the other is Jorge Jimenez.  Up until this point, Penn hasn't pitched well enough to hold down a spot on the 25-man.  And if he doesn't again this season, clearing waviers won't be a problem.  Jimenez, you remember him, he was the Rule 5 draft pick we got from the Astros in the Lindstrom trade.  In other words, if he doesn't make the club he will be offered back to the Red Sox, the team from which he was drafted.