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Minor League Ball looks back at Josh Johnson

John Sicklles of Minor League Ball fame takes a look back at Josh Johnson.

Here is the full article:

Prospect Retro: Josh Johnson

Here is what John concludes:

My main concern for Johnson going forward is the possibility that the shoulder problems he had in the minors may recur. If he avoids injury and gets proper support from teammates, Johnson has the ability to be a Cy Young contender in the coming years along with Ubaldo Jimenez. Not bad for a guy who never really dominated in the minors. This is another example of how Grade C pitching prospects at the lower levels can sometimes develop into something very interesting.

The last time JJ had shoulder problems happened in 2005, I think it is fair to assume he has strengthen it over the years through drills or whatever, so I don't see it becoming an issue.  I hope.