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Logan Morrison's Dad passed on

Last night Logan Morrison's dad lost his fight with cancer and passed on.  I never know what to say when one loses someone who was so instrumental in their life.  But I do know, our thoughts and prayers are with LoMo and his family.  In honor of his dad, LoMo is being proactive and is holding a Camp for a Cure.

Via our friend Dan.

Camp for a Cure

Florida Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison has gathered his teammates and coaches to put on a baseball camp for kids on January 8th and 9th, with proceeds going to the American Lung Association in memory of Logan's father, Tom Morrison.

Check the flyer below for more information, and email for registration.

If you know of a kid who wants to learn about baseball, I can think of no better way to honor the life of Tom Morrison than to send him or her to it.

This is a very sad day.  But Tom wouldn't want us to be sad, but honor his life by helping a child learn about the game he loved,

LoMo, we are thinking about you.