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Marlins discussing relievers with Rangers?

There were all sorts of rumors about the Marlins trying to work a three-way deal.  Some included the Rangers and the Rockies, another one had the Rangers and the Royals.  However valid or not, none came to pass.  But there was sentence in a story by Ken Rosenthal that sent chills up my spine.

As you know, the Marlins two biggest trading chips they are offering in the meetings are Ricky Nolasco and Leo Nunez.  

Here is the sentence.

The Marlins also are talking to the Rangers about deals involving relievers, but a Rangers source strongly denied that the team was discussing a three-way with Florida.

I hope I am reading this wrong but if the Marlins are even thinking about trading Nolasco in a deal for relievers I'm going to start on a rant you won't believe.  Hopefully if it won't happen, but if it does, read my post early before GameFish cleans up the language.