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Hanley Ramirez a clubhouse leader?

It seems Edwin envisions Hanley Ramirez as a clubhouse leader.

Tweets from Joe Capozzi.


joe capozzi
Edwin expects Hanley Ramirez to take on more of a clubhouse leadership role next year 


Good luck with that.  This has been tried several times before and it has failed every time.  The reason may be for a number of reasons.  The first could be that Hanley's teammates have very little respect for him as a player.  Hanley is a very gifted baseball player, but his effort on the field, at times, really wasn't inspiring to anyone, much less to those who are less gifted and giving it their all.  But maybe that will be in the past.  The second reason is, maybe Hanley isn't a leader by nature and this is not putting him down.  There have been many baseball players who where just excellent in their perfecting their craft but couldn't lead a team.  Trying to force it on them is a folly.  Think about it this way: do remember asking the best student in school to help you with algebra and he couldn't explain crap?  Just because a player makes the most money and is more revered for his talents, doesn't automatically make him a leader.  However, someone with lesser talents may be better able to convey the importance of doing what is need to succeed as a team.  If it is the case that Hanley just isn't leader, then that is fine.  But if it is the case, quiy trying to make him one.  It screws with him and it screws with the team.

Hours later Joe Capozzi tweeted this:


joe capozzi
Edwin says he has spoken individually 2 both hanley & Fredi gonzalez about their May spat. Edwin satisfied it was isolated incident 


If he was asking the number of times each blasted each other in the press, then it is true.  But if he was wondering how many times Hanley has dogged it, it most definitely wasn't an isolated incident.

But I'm willing to cautiously believe that Hanley has matured, but given his history, he needs to prove it.  The benefit of the doubt left long ago.  But once again, no matter the concern, Hanley will either be a leader naturally, or not.  It can't be forced.