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The Winter Meetings are underway

Meant to post this yesterday, but crap happened.

The Marlins are in Lake Buena Vista, FLA (read Orlando), along with every other major league team for the annual Winter Meetings.  The Marlins aren't expected to make any big moves but they will be shopping for a veteran lefty reliever and possibly a left-handed hitter.  Though they made just decide to go with the in-house options.  

Joe Frisaro breaks down the whole lefty reliever situation.

Marlins weighing options for lefty relief help

I don't think the team will do anything at the meetings.  While has Joe reports, they are willing to spend up to $1.5 million, they will probably just wait and see what they have on the club now in spring training.  Then if they are dissatisfied, they will attempt to make a move then.

As for the lefty off the bench, the Fish are thinking that job could fall to John Baker.


John Baker, who is recovering from Tommy John surgery to his right elbow, projects to eventually back up Buck. Because of the surgery, Baker is not expected to be at full throwing strength at the start of Spring Training.

However, Baker is a candidate to make the Opening Day roster as perhaps a left-handed pinch-hitter.

After having Tommy John surgery, there is a good chance that Baker's arm won't be ready to go until 2012.  It normally takes catchers the same amount of time to recover as it does pitchers with the reason being catching is a throwing intensive position. (A pitcher normally returns to full strength in 12 to 18 months.)

Baker hasn't made many appearances as a pinch-hitter in his career, in fact, he has only done it 17 times in the Majors and the stats aren't too impressive.  Baker as a PH: .133/.235/.333.  Given the small sample size and the fact he hasn't been concentrating on doing it, we really don't know anything about how he would fair in the role.  He does have one thing going in his favor, he does make pretty decent contact so maybe he could figure this pinching hitting thing out.