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FLA Casino uses picture of Marlins' player - MLB not happy

A Florida casino is using a picture of a Marlins pitcher on its website and MLB takes exception to it.

Major League Baseball has also lodged a protest, telling Jacks or Better to stop using a photo of a Florida Marlins player on the boat's website.


He (Mark Slotkin) said the photographs of Garrard and the Florida Marlins pitcher were taken from an online site. He said they can be freely obtained from that site and putting them on the Jacks or Better site does not infringe on anyone's trademark. He said the intent of using the photos is to show people the casino boat has a legal operation for taking bets on sports games.


Major League Baseball has likewise told Slotkin that being able to take a photo from the Internet doesn't shield Jacks of Better from laws protecting trademarks.

Dude, I have news for you, you don't want to mess with MLB or the NFL.  They are both very territorial and don't mind bringing lawsuits against anyone and will follow through.  We get to use game pictures of Marlins players because the SB Nation has a license to do it.  If we were just to grab a photo off the internet and MLB or the Marlins felt like complaining, we wouldn't have a leg to stand on.  I know Casinos make a ton of money but I'm guessing the purpose of operating one is not to spend all of the profits on lawyer fees and fines.

Now here is the real purpose of the post.  I've looked at the picture of the player and I, embarrassingly, have no idea who it is.  I feel fairly confident that GameFish would know, but she went to bed early and is asleep.  And there is no way I am signing my death warrant by waking her up and asking "Who is this?".

So here is your task, if you will accept it: go to Jacks or and try to identify the player.  I'm sure someone can do it.  Just scroll down and eventually the Marlins pitcher will appear.  Good Luck.