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Andrew Miller non-tendered by Red Sox

Yes, the very same Andrew Miller who the Marlins traded to the Red Sox for Dustin Richardson on Nov. 12.

The Boston Red Sox tonight announced that the club will not tender 2011 contracts to right-handed pitcher Taylor Buchholz and left-handed pitchers Andrew Miller and Hideki Okajima.

As a result, Buchholz, Miller and Okajima will become free agents.

Wow, simply, wow.  

Either the Red Sox still want Miller and believe they can sign him at below arbitration price, or, they had planned on non-tendering Dustin Richardson all along and if the Marlins wanted him, that was fine.  They would just swap a troubled lefty for another troubled lefty and non-tender who they got in return.  Then again it could a combination of the two, but whatever, this can't make Andrew feel good.