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Joe Capozzi makes his HOF ballot public

Joe Capozzi posted his picks for the Hall of Fame.

Bert Blyleven and Roberto Alomar were the only players I checked off. Of the other 31 players listed, I’m not quite ready to cast a vote for Jeff Bagwell, Barry Larkin or Fred McGriff just yet.

Bert Blyleven is long overdue to be in the Hall of Fame.  Roberto Alomar is an excellent choice.  Good job Joe.  But if I had been given a ballot, I would have included Jeff Bagwell without even thinking about it.  I could breakdown all the stats for Bagwell, but I won't.  Let's just say a man who played as long as he did and had a .408 OBP for his career, deserves some scrutiny.  Which, of course, I'm sure Mr. Capozzi gave.  I just would've done it differently.

Also, I think I might have voted for Tim Raines, Allan Trammell and Barry Larkin.  But I guess that is why they don't let me have a ballot.