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Marlins farm system dead last?

Apparently some aren't very impressed with what the Marlins have left in their farm system.

Deep Leagues ranked the Marlins farm hands as dead last. (via soflamarlins)

Baseball Prospectus had this to say:

Considering the teams' Scrooge-worthy budget, the Marlins have almost miraculously stayed competitive with a constant flow of impressive young talent. Unfortunately, that well is starting to dry.

Don't bother clicking on it unless you have a subscription.  They ranked Matt Dominguez first.

But if we go a little bit back in time to April of 2010, Baseball America said this:

Depth: Florida's system doesn't have a particular area of strength, nor does it have a glaring weakness. There's balance all over the diamond.

You won't be reading BA's article without a subscription either.

In the article BA ranks the Marlins farm system 7th overall.  Of course, things have changed.  With the additions of Gaby Sanchez, Logan Morrison and Mike Stanton to the team it has depleted the farm system and it will drop it further in the rankings. (Like those rankings mean anything.)  But the Marlins still have quality players on the farm and there are more to come in the future.  The purpose of the farm system, at least for the Marlins, is to get quality players ready for the Majors and it has done just that.  The tide may be flowing out at the moment, but that doesn't mean the waters won't be back very soon.

While I haven't studied every team, I doubt the Marlins farm system is dead last.  Actually they are far from it.