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Marlins sign Randy Choate

I'm sure you have heard by now that the Marlins signed Randy Choate.


The Marlins continued reshuffling their bullpen on Wednesday, signing veteran left-hander Randy Choate to a two-year, $2.5 million contract.

Choate, 35, was 4-3 with a 4.23 earned-run average for Tampa Bay last season, allowing 41 hits and striking out 40 in 44.2 innings. He allowed left-handers to hit just .202 against him (25 for 134), but right-handers hit .410 against him (16 for 39).

While I have called Choate a LOOGY in the past, that was never quite accurate, since it depends on the lineup as to whether he will last a full inning.  Choate is more accurately described as a lefty-specialist, in other words, he gets left-handed batters out, or so goes the plan.  When right-handed batters stride to the plate, he comes out of the game.

Normally the Marlins won't sign a reliever to a two-year deal, but since the team did, expect him to be with the club for the season.

There has been talk about the Marlins need two left-handed relievers in the pen, for some reason, should that be the case it means that either Mike Dunn or Dustin Richardson won't make the team.  If I had to guess, and I always do, Dustin Richardson will be the odd man out.  But we will see.

Normally, we would have reported this sooner, but GameFish was baking cupcakes to take to the old folks home to give out while she was caroling.  I was also busy but doing something far less noble.

However, it did get reported.  I just wish the Marlins front office would check with us about our schedules before announcing deals.

Like that is going to happen or that they should even do it, but a person can wish.