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We need some help.

We are collaborating with Adam Spunberg, feature writer for, to put together something for Diane Morrison, Logan's mom, in honor of Tom Morrison.  What we have come up with is a sort of collage from LoMo's first season in the Majors.  This is where you come in; we would like to know your favorite LoMo moment, whether it is was his first hit, his first home run, or even if it was him constantly running over Cody. All are good.

You can write something down, or if you are artistically inclined, do something along that nature.  While Adam and GameFish are very creative, we would like your help.  We are looking for suggestions along with help with the material to give to make this presentation special to Diane.

We really want this to be a Florida Marlins fans community project and don't worry about it being a surprise, neither LoMo nor his family reads this site, at least not at that I am aware of.

We will be asking for help from every Marlins site we can think of, but I truly believe the FishStripers can lead the way. If you have something to add, and please do, you can place it in the comments or better yet email it to me or GameFish.  My email works again.  (And no, I'm going to restart my Gawker Media rant again -- though I could.)

Suggestions on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.