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Vote for the Marlins game you want replayed

FSFL replays Marlins game during the offseason, which is a wonderful thing.  That is except for the fact that this year you get to cry because Danny and Cody won't be doing the heroics next season.

But nonetheless, you get to vote on which game you want to see in the offseason.  So what you need to do is vote here:

FSFL MLB Encore Fan Poll

Scroll past all the Rays crap and you will find the place to vote on your favorite Marlins game.

Personally, I am voting for July 19 when Donnie "Bleeping" Murphy hit the walk-off homer.  Now, you may have a hankering to see to Gaby close-line Nyjer Morgan again - that was on September 1.  Or possibly you like to see another one of the great moments.  But whatever you decide, you need to vote for your favorite or you will end up watching one you would rather forget.  (i.e. Halladay's perfect game.  Don't you just know that is what Loria is voting for.)

Go vote.