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Sweat, Spandex Mark Offseason for Marlins Front Office

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NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 07.  (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)
NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 07. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)
Getty Images

For most Major League front offices, the offseason is marked by negotiations, meetings and strategizing. The Marlins front office, on the other hand, prefers to mark theirs with sweat and spandex. And possibly shin splints.

Inspired by David Samson's Iron Man status, the Fish FO has developed a mild obsession with marathon running, and this offseason, improving the club briefly took a back seat to improving their own bodies' ability to run real far. On Sunday, after 20 weeks of intense training, five Marlins suits took to the streets of the Big Apple to tackle the 26-mile NYC marathon.

One can only hope they plan to tackle the team's bullpen issues with a similar intensity.

Team president David Samson, director of baseball operations Larry Beinfest, general manager Michael Hill, vice president of communications and broadcasting P.J. Loyello and equipment manager John Silverman spent their day jogging through New York City's five boroughs.


The club's contingent also included Katie Beinfest, Larry's wife. It was the first New York Marathon for the Beinfests.

According to the article, Samson, Silverman and Hill actually finished the marathon with "respectable" times. Beinfest's magic number remains a mystery, which would lead us to believe it was the opposite of respectable. For all we know, he collapsed at the halfway point. That, or ran a few miles before stopping at the Magnolia Bakery for a world-famous pastry or two and hailing a cab to the finish line. (Not that there's anything wrong with that, Larry; it's precisely what FishStripes would do. That is, if we could work up enough energy to even momentarily contemplate signing up for a marathon...)

The mystery of Beinfest's time may be solved during the 2011 season if Inside the Marlins presents an episode on the NYC Marathon. FS Marlins has yet to announce such an episode, but I suppose we'll find out during the first rain delay of the 2011 season. And the eighty-seven that follow.

Now back to the sofa. We're exhausted just reading about all the physical exertion.