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Cody Ross On the Air

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One of the best interviews I've heard on 790 The Ticket aired Friday afternoon. And I'm not just saying that because I heart Cody Ross. OK, maybe I am.

Cody called in to talk World Series win with Dan and Stugotz, and if you missed the interview, it is worth every last second of the twenty minutes you'll spend on it. (And as a bonus, you don't have to wade through four painful hours of Dan, Stugotz and Hoch to hear it.)

Cody Ross on 790 The Ticket

There's no direct link to the interview, so you'll have to scroll down to the 790 the Ticket On-Demand interview archives, and click on "Cody Ross-World Champion-San Francisco Giants-NLCS MVP." It's good stuff.

And now to play Dan's favorite game, Douche or No Douche: Cody Ross... no douche!