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Fish Rehab Report

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Quite a few Marlins are on the mend this offseason, and Joe Capozzi of the PBP has an update on the status of some key injured Fish.

"Hanley is feeling well. He is here in South Florida. We’re setting up a visit for him to check up with Dr. (Lee) Kaplan, our team physician, to make sure everything is going as planned," Beinfest said.


Chris Coghlan (knee) also saw Kaplan this week and is progressing "very well. No definitlve timeline (for Coghlan to resume actiivities) but it is not too far in the future," Beinfest said.

Catcher John Baker (Tommy John Surgery) has not started baseball activity yet.

Pitchers Josh Johnson (back and shoulder) and Ricky Nolasco (knee) both feel good. "No restrictions for with one of them as we head in to spring training," Beinfest said.

Pitcher Alex Sanabia also feels well; he was scratched from his final start because of elbow tightness.

We can add Sean West to the list of walking wounded. West was sent home from the Arizona Fall League with some sort of elbow strain. The Marlins don't think it's serious, but as a precaution Sean will have the elbow checked out by team physician Dr. Kaplan.