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Marlins/Uggla Talks "Progressing"

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It probably depends on your definition of progress, but Decision: Uggla continues. According to Joe Frisaro of, talks between the Fish and Danny's camp are progressing once again, after their initial clash. 

According to multiple sources, talks with Uggla have been progressing. Exact details are still stetchy, but there has been movement to bridge the initial gap.

The Marlins' initial offer over the summer was three-years, $24 million. Uggla's camp countered with five years at more than $50 million.

There are indications that the Marlins have agreed to add a fourth year. Based on performance, Uggla has positioned himself to be worth about $11 million a season. So there is a likelihood that the sides could be discussing a four-year deal worth roughly $44 million.

Anybody else have trouble believing the Fish will pony up $44 million for Uggla? That's a lot of payroll to tie up, and then there's the potential infield logjam to consider. I wouldn't go so far as to say that will happen when pigs fly, but possibly a slightly less stout mammal, such as a rabbit.

We'll see how it plays out.