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Chris Hatcher a pitcher?

The Marlins are going to give Chris Hatcher a shot at pitching.

Chris Hatcher will joke about his struggles at the plate. But his arm has never been a question, and the Florida Marlins have taken notice.


...the Marlins are busy keeping Hatcher on their 40-man roster and converting him from a catcher to a pitcher, the Kinston native told The Free Press last week.


Hatcher said he’s been clocked with a fastball in the mid- to upper-90s, and that the news of him going from the receiving end of the battery to the giving end didn’t come as a surprise.

 This could work.  Hatcher does possess a strong arm.  I just hope he doesn't have that Henry Owens direct to the ear type of delivery.  Of course, that delivery isn't the reason the Henry isn't with the club today.