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Marlins New Stadium Colorful Seats?

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According to the Sports Business Journal, the Marlins are going differentiate the seats by color.

The $515M ballpark is separated by color: home plate (blue), first base (yellow), third base (red) and outfield (green). The Florida Marlins are marketing four founding partnerships for their new ballpark with a twist — each sponsor’s brand must match …

What you read above is all I can see since I'm not a subscriber to the Sports Business Journal.  I'm not a fan of multicolored seat stadiums, especially when they are used to differentiate between the fans.  Not to mention, they are ugly when empty.

I may be jumping the gun here, I have no idea what the Marlins front office has in mind.  I have sent to a message to Sarah Talalay in hopes she can clarify the situation.

But at first glance, I'm not impressed.