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Holiday Weekend Chum Bucket

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Well, Turkey Day has come and gone. I sustained only 2nd-degree burns making dinner this year, and Craig managed to avoid being served any form of sweet potato, so we'll consider FishStripes' Thanksgiving a smashing success. We hope yours was similarly triumphant. 

The holiday season has been officially ushered in with the carving of the bird and the shoving of that creep who tried to cut in front of you in the Best Buy Black Friday line, and with the holidays, Weekend Chum Buckets make their return as well. If you're looking for something to do today and you aren't watching Ohio State beat up on Michigan (though I can't imagine why you wouldn't be), here are a few suggestions of some other ways to pass the time:

A) Read all about Logan Morrison's family Thanksgiving, complete with fried turkey and green bean casserole.  

B) Listen to Jon Buck on Glen Geffner's new Marlins Insider show (2 - 4 PM today on 790 The Ticket). 

C) Get a head start on wrapping all the gifts you purchased on Black Friday.

D) Carefully remove the letters and numbers from the back of your Uggla replica jersey. 

E) Hit the gym to burn off the 7,000 calories you consumed on Thursday.

F) Eat some leftover pumpkin pie.

G) All of the above.

As always, the chum bucket is an open thread, so use it to discuss whatever you wish (unless you wish to discuss your website's hot new deals on Ed Hardy shirts and ladies hand bags, in which case you will be immediately banned from FishStripes). 

Have a great weekend!