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Edwin Rodriguez to Return as Marlins Manager

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Shortly after the Nationals announced that Bo Porter would be their third-base coach next season, reports surfaced that the Marlins have asked Edwin Rodriguez to return as manager in 2011.

According to JCR of the Sun-Sentinel, E-Rod has accepted their offer.

Tuesday, Edwin Rodriguez met with owner Jeffrey Loria in New York City, where he was offered and accepted the job to remain in the position he took over in June, when the club fired Fredi Gonzalez.


Pitching coach Randy St. Claire, who signed a two-year deal before last season, will return to Rodriguez's staff. Also coming back are Brandon Hyde (bench coach), John Mallee (hitting coach) and Joe Espada (third base coach).

It is likely a 1-year contract the Marlins have extended to Edwin (which should make him feel extra special to the team and very secure in his new position), but the details are expected to be announced by the team tomorrow.

More good news from the team is that Perry Hill is expected to rejoin the coaching staff as infield/first-base coach.

Congratulations to Edwin, and welcome back, Bone.