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SB Nation Giving Away a Free Samsung 3D TV

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If you like to try your luck at winning a Samsung 3D TV, now is your chance.  The SB Nation is giving one away.

Want A Free Samsung 3D TV? Good, 'Cause We're Giving One Away

It sounds like a pretty nice TV, or at least it does to me since it is better than anything I own.  It is really simple to sign-up for the drawing.  Should you feel lucky, there is something you need to know: in order to qualify to win you are going to need a Facebook and Twitter account.  Should you not have those, be sure to sign-up for each before entering or do it immediately there after.  They are pretty simple to get.

Click on the link for all of the details and the Best of Luck to You!  Should you win, be sure to let us know that you did 'cause the first annual FishStripes watch party will be at your house.