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John Buck chooses his jersey number

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John Buck was formally introduced as a Marlins yesterday and part of that process is the unveiling of the number that will be gracing his uniform.

...Buck donned a Marlins jersey with his No. 4 on the back for the first time at Thursday's introductory news conference.

Wow, with that number comes great responsibility.  Whether Buck knows it or not, the wearer of that number leads the team in the salsa dancing warmup in the bullpen before each game.  Also, he need to be able to field all positions neatly and keep everyone smiling and entertained in the dugout.  Or at least, the last person who wore number 4 on his jersey did all of that.  You guessed it.  The last player to wear number 4 for the Marlins was Alfredo Amezaga.

Buck, of course, doesn't have to do any of the above all he is required to is make the number his own.  But it was a fine choice of numbers, the last guy to wear it became a fan favorite and there is no reason Buck can't follow suit.