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Logan Morrison honored in his hometown

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Logan Morrison returned home to hero's welcome and that is as it should be.

Florida Marlins’ outfielder Logan Morrison, a 2005 Northshore High School graduate, returned to NHS last Friday and was honored at the school’s pep rally.

Morrison is the first Northshore High graduate to make it to the major leagues of any sport. At the event, athletic director Tom Gainey announced the school was adding a new section to their trophy case called Panthers in the Pros.

Morrison, 23, donated a Marlins’ jersey to the school, which will be displayed in the case.

It is always nice when a player returns home and the locals make a big deal of his return and LoMo is quite deserving of the honor.  With any luck, LoMo's high school isn't like the one I graduated from, but if it is, he is going to need to donate a whole lot more stuff to fill the trophy case.  Because no one behind him is going contribute anything.

Congrats on the hometown honor LoMo.