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Marlins interested in Justin Upton?

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Apparently the Marlins are interested in Justin Upton and according to the article have the most interest of any club in baseball. (via joecapMarlins)

A small canvassing of executives said they viewed the early favorites to land Upton as the Marlins and Rays, though the Yankees and Red Sox were cited as teams to watch.


One executive even suggested a package of outfield prospect Logan Morrison and righty Ricky Nolasco, who has won at least 13 games three straight seasons, would probably get a deal done.

Yeah, I bet it would.  From the Marlins standpoint, a deal straight up of Upton for Emilio Bonifacio and the D'backs eating Upton's salary would get the deal done too.

Don't read too much into this, it is just some executive's wish list.  The Marlins haven't offered the deal in the article and surely would never.  Or at least I hope they wouldn't.

Would the Marlins like to add Justin Upton to the team? Oh sure, but at what price?  Upton's contract is heavily backend loaded with him making: 11: $4.25M, 12: $6.25M, 13: $9.75M, 14: $14.25M, 15: $14.5M. (according to Cot's Baseball Contracts)

Showing interest is one thing, paying the price is another.  Any deal for Upton with the Fish would probably require the D'backs to eat some his salary, which they aren't probably willing to do at this time.  But it never hurts to ask.

It's Hot Stove time and these type of rumors will continue to come.