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Brett Carroll signs with the Kansas City Royals

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Brett Carroll has reportedly signed a minor league contract with the Kansas City Royals.

#Marlins minor league free agent Brett Carroll has signed with the Kansas City Royals...

This will come as sad news for some FishStripers since he was a fan favorite of many.  It was always special when a player would stupidly challenge his arm and BC would throw them out by a week.  He was a real pleasure to watch since he only knew one gear to play the game in - reckless abandon.

But signing with another organization is really in his best interest.  It had become apparent that the Marlins were never going to give him steady playing time - ever.  So maybe with the Royals he will get a solid chance to play.  I believe Carroll can hit, but he is one of the those players who needs to play everyday and get 4 AB a game for it all to click.  He was never any good as a PH or a one AB kinda guy.  Which is mainly what he did for the Marlins.

The Royals fans are in for quite a show, if they ever get a chance to see him play the outfield.

We wish him well.