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Cameron Maybin Traded to Padres

Would it be too much to ask the Marlins to do these things during the week, rather than on Saturday afternoon while I'm trying to watch the Buckeyes? Just a thought.

According to MLB Trade Rumors, the Marlins have reached a deal with the San Diego Padres that will send Cameron Maybin to the team for relievers Ryan Webb and Edward Mujica. It's the second time in as many days that the Fish traded away a piece of the Miggy/Dontrelle deal in exchange for relief pitching, and now that Maybin is gone, Burke Badenhop is the lone survivor of the big trade with Detroit.

Like Big Game Andrew, "Killa Cam" was never quite as "Killa" as the hype surrounding him when he was traded to the Marlins in 2007. Perhaps he'll blossom and show some more consistency out West. Meanwhile, the Marlins got a couple of decent relievers to add to their desperately ailing bullpen.

The question now is, who will play center for the Marlins in 2011? It would be nice if Cody Ross were still an option, but you know what they say about beating dead horses. Scott Cousins would seem the best option at this point, though Emilio Bonifacio has spent time in center. There also seems to be plenty of speculation about the possibility of Chris Coghlan making the move, though that doesn't seem likely. Thoughts?