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Tigers inquire about Dan Uggla

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The Detroit Tigers got on the phone and wanted to know if Dan Uggla was available.

Reported by Jon Paul Morosi and Ken Rosenthal.

Sources say that the Detroit Tigers, looking everywhere for a power bat, have contacted the Marlins to express their interest.

Expect for this type of thing to happen all offseason long.  Every team looking for a power bat will contact the Marlins to check on the status of Danny.  It is just part of the landscape.  It doesn't mean that the Marlins are looking to trade him at the moment, but they will always entertain offers.  But at this point, as far as we know, they are just listening to what the other clubs are willing to offer.

Personally, if the Marlins do make a trade for Uggla I'd rather it not be with the Tigers.  The last one we did with them didn't work out all that well.  See Andrew Miller.

It wasn't a total loss, we did get Burke Badenhop out of the deal but one of seven prospects coming through, isn't exactly a win.

It's Hot Stove season, so the rumors are in full swing and Danny's name will be mentioned often.