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Chris Coghlan moving to third

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Once Chris Coghlan has his left knee all rehabbed, the Marlins are planning on him switching positions and playing third.

As of now, the Marlins plan on converting Coghlan from left field to third base.

A natural infielder, Coghlan was switched to left field in May 2009 to get his bat in the lineup. The move paid off as he hit .321 and won the NL Rookie of the Year honors.


When he is cleared to do baseball activities, Coghlan will focus on switching to third base. For now, his primary focus is being completely healthy.

"They told me third base, and I haven't heard otherwise," Coghlan said of where he expects to play next season. "There are a lot of things that can still happen. You never know. But as of right now, the tentative plan is third base.

Coghlan is expecting to be ready by spring training.  Hopefully he is correct in this assessment.  Basically, he has to move to third because at the moment all of the corner outfield slots are taken, and neither Logan Morrison or Mike Stanton can play the position.

For Chris, third base is not a strange place to be.  He played 42 games at the hot corner during his minor league career.  Still, it might be a bit of an adjustment, but he has all of spring training to figure it out.  He won't be going it alone, especially since Perry Hill is back as a coach with the Marlins.  Hill is one the gurus on infield defense and I have no doubt he can get Coghlan whipped into shape before the season starts.